Fashion, Family and Lockdown

Behind the scenes

This month we launched our clothing website and we are super excited about the reactions we have had from you all! We realise lockdown has been tough, yet it has been so much fun to get our teeth stuck into building The House of Manors Brand and present our fabulous designs to the world. It’s always a bit scary launching a new business let alone in the midst of a global pandemic! 

In December we shot our clothing collections on what turned out to be the wettest and most dreary day!  With Dean Martin playing in the background, a blazing wood burner and a (little) wine, it was a pleasure and such an experience working with such beautiful and handsome models to showcase our ladies fitted shirts, loose shirts, tunicsdresses, boyfriend shirts and mens shirts.


We welcomed experienced 1960's Regents Petrol Girl Caroline, who has been modelling for over 60 years. Caroline was a natural infront of the camera, especially cheeky and still as striking as ever! The boys Izaak and Jonny were particularly enthusiastic, foraging for ridiculous props, Irish dancing on the set and even trying on the ladies clothing! We also photographed mothers and daughters, boyfriends and girlfriends, partners, friends, and step-daughters. 

Creating a family-orientated business hasn't only been exceptionally fun throughout lockdown but it's drawn in everyones niche talents. From photography, styling and fittings to creating a website, marketing and making sure every little detail is perfect!

More than just Clothing

We may be a luxurious brand but we certainly feel that it is important to have fun, feel confident, and wear high-quality fashionable pieces. For this reason, our clothing collection emphasises unique patterns with timeless cut designs which fit you effortlessly - no matter what your age, shape, or size. We are so excited for the next stage in The House of Manors journey, where we plan to gain a greater online presence, emphasise our British ethos and most importantly - make fantastic clothing and accessories which will last you a lifetime.

All of our love